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Say hello to healthy vision with our revolutionary eye wellness capsule. Packed with a powerful blend of natural ingredients, this capsule is Specially formulated to maintain and nourish your eyes from within.

  • 1st multifunctional microencapsulation eye capsule
  • In singapore made with seaweed
  • Successfully administered more than 200.000 cases
  • Successfully administered more than 19 eye conditions
  • Proven formula has been used in market for more than 10 years


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We are here to help
All ages eye problems!

Eye fatigue, Dry eyes, Red eyes, Presbyopia Shortsighted eye, ETC

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Yong Kang Eye Wellness Capsule is a natural and effective multi-functional eye booster. Formulated with traditional Chinese herbs and scientifically-proven ingredients like bilberry, blueberry, and lutein, help relieve eye discomforts and to support eye health. 

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My vision feels sharper, and my eyes don't feel as tired after a long day of screen time. Highly recommend for anyone looking to boost their eye health!
Yong Kang Eye Wellness Capsules have become a part of my daily routine. Not only have I noticed an improvement in my night vision, but my eyes also feel less strained and dry. A must-try for eye care!
These capsules are fantastic! After just a few weeks, my eyes feel more refreshed and less fatigued. Yong Kang Eye Wellness Capsules are now my go-to supplement for maintaining healthy vision.
Xu Yuan