Shipping policy

Thank you for choosing ShopKang for your TCM-needs. We want to make sure that you receive our order as soon as possible. Here's some important information about our shipping and delivery:                    
Shipping Options:                    
We currently offer standard shipping for all orders. Orders are typically processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Please note that delivery times may vary depending on our location and shipping carrier.                    
Delivery Times:                    
Delivery times may vary depending on our location and the shipping carrier. Most orders are delivered within 5-7 business days of being shipped. you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number once our order has been shipped.                    
Please note that delivery times may be longer during peak seasons or due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather or other delays.                    
Shipping Costs:                    
Standard local shipping costs apply on all orders $100 and below.

If you have any questions about shipping or delivery, please contact our customer service team @ 85549825. We're here to help and ensure that our order arrives to you safely and on time.